The GW Clinical Research Administration Alumni and Student Reception held in Orlando, FL on September 20, 2014.

The GW Clinical Research Administration Alumni and Student Reception held in Orlando, FL on September 20, 2014.

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Graduates of the GW Clinical Research Administration Program

"I found the curriculum within George Washington University’s CRA program to be diverse, comprehensive, and relevant with regard to the current industry environment in clinical research. The CRA program faculty were extremely knowledgeable & I felt consistently supported during my studies, which for me personally really helped to enhance my overall experience. But I’ve found that the true reward from my GWU experience has come post-graduation as I am able to draw on my CRA program education almost daily in the workplace, which has increased my professional confidence and enabled me to make a greater overall contribution."

Johnette Barham, MSHS '11

"As a graduate, the Clinical Research Administration (CRA) program has helped me advance my career as a clinical research professional and continues to serve me after graduation. It was rewarding to see how much of the curriculum paralleled and complemented my professional responsibilities and goals. The program and faculty helped me to stay on top of current changes in the regulations and trends in the industry. Throughout my time in the program, I applied this knowledge to my daily work responsibilities. The faculty are top notch and many are known leaders in their professions. I would encourage anyone interested in expanding their knowledge or advancing their career in the clinical research profession to consider The George Washington Clinical Research Administration Program. "

Tommy Lee, MSHS '11

"I cannot say enough about the George Washington University Clinical Research Administration Program. Leaders in our field analyze current issues and trends while teaching us how to think critically, evaluate problems and formulate effective solutions. Overall, this program took me from being someone who merely worked in clinical research to someone who is involved in shaping clinical research in my local area with high aspirations for global influence. The CRA program has made me a more confident and competent clinical research professional with the knowledge and passion to become a leader in my profession.

I have established a lifelong network of classmates, colleagues and friends. As an alumna, the network will keep me in touch with current discourse and trends in clinical research. I have recommended the GW Clinical Research Administration program to several colleagues and friends who want to advance in their careers. A friend who is currently enrolled in the program is enjoying the academic rigor of the classes!"

Edwina McNeill-Simaan, MSHS '12

"Completing the MSHS CRA program through GWU was a tremendously rewarding experience. The curriculum is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge of so many elements in the clinical research industry. The faculty members are not only dedicated professionals, but have a true desire to teach and share the knowledge they’ve acquired throughout their career. My fellow classmates were colleagues from a variety of areas in clinical research and each brought unique perspectives to class discussions. Many of us in fact, both students and faculty, still communicate regularly via email and community forums. The experience was so rewarding that I persuaded several colleagues of mine to pursue their graduate CRA degrees through GW as well. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to complete this program and have a profound appreciation for the knowledge and experience I've acquired throughout my tenure as a graduate CRA student at GWU."

Meghan Metz, MSHS '11

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